Catalogs and Brochures

Our Catalogs and Brochures provide great information about specific topics. They’re a great way to get solid, quick information about your specific application.

SFP Brochure Catofin Expansion Joints837.5 KiB1763
SFP Brochure FCCU Expansion Joints730.8 KiB1978
SFP Brochure Flex Seat Guillotine827.5 KiB1613
SFP Brochure Gas Turbine1.0 MiB1621
SFP Brochure Penetration Seals357.1 KiB1524
SFP Brochure Styrene Expansion Joints731.8 KiB1272
SFP Catalog 1 Metal Bellows5.4 MiB9498
SFP Catalog 2 Dampers1.9 MiB3239
SFP Catalog 3 Fabric Exp Joints4.0 MiB3918
SFP Catalog 4 Nuclear1.7 MiB2562
SFP Catalog 5 On Site Services2.3 MiB1084
SFP Catalog 6 HVAC2.3 MiB2519


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