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Senior Flexonics Pathway has continually created white papers, some of which were presented to and are available on the ASME website. These papers cover many aspects of expansion joints and their applications. Below is a listing of topics available.

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Technical Papers

Name Size
TH30 Chloride SCC In Steam And HTW Service (EJMA) 832.2 KiB
TH29 Caustic SCC In Steam Service (GE) 184.1 KiB
TH28 Saint Gobain Analysis Of DARLYN 1100CB At TVA After 18 Yrs Service 64.6 KiB
TH27 Power Eng Extraction Steam Article 918.6 KiB
TH26 Design Of Fabric Expansion Joint Gas Seal Membranes 536.2 KiB
TH25 EJMA Design Equations Background 620.0 KiB
TH23 FGD Fabric Expansion Joint Comparison Study 786.0 KiB
TH22 Bellows Design Equations Supported By Limit Analysis 600.8 KiB
TH20 Finding Design Acceptability Using Finite Element Analysis 776.5 KiB
TH19 Bellows High Temp Cycle Life 2.2 MiB
TH18 Improved High Temperature Expansion Joint Design 1.1 MiB
TH17 EJMA Design Equations 1.6 MiB
TH16 High Temperature Expansion Joints Part 2 1.5 MiB
TH15 Test Report On Cycle Testing Expansion Joints With Damage 1.3 MiB
TH12 Expansion Joints For High Temperature Steam 587.1 KiB
TH11 High Temp Expansion Joints Part 1 1.5 MiB
TH10 Pipe Loop Or Expansion Joints 248.0 KiB
TH08 Modeling Metallic Bellows In Pipe Stress Programs 750.9 KiB
TH07 Pressure Testing Of High Temperature Expansion Joints 838.1 KiB
TH06 The Design Of Toroidal Bellows 1.8 MiB
TH04 Bellows Instability 1.6 MiB
TH02 Protection Of FCCU Expansion Joint Bellows By Purging 1.2 KiB
TH01 Better Piping And Expansion Joint Design 1.1 MiB

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Material Data Papers

Name Size
MDP05 Titanium 637.6 KiB
MDP06 Tantalum 763.3 KiB
MDP07 Zirconium 1.0 MiB
MDP08 Steam Extraction Expansion Joints 473.9 KiB
MDP09 Exp Jts With Tie Rods 663.3 KiB
MDP10 Floating Ring Design 1.2 MiB
MDP100 Remaining Expansion Joint Life 99.6 KiB
MDP101 Gas Turbine Catalog 486.4 KiB
MDP11 Expanded Pipe 533.6 KiB
MDP13 Gimbaled Pantograph EJs 1.4 MiB
MDP14 Cold Wall EJs 484.3 KiB
MDP15 Engineering Services 495.0 KiB
MDP16 ANSI B31.3 App X 540.8 KiB
MDP17 Oversize Clamshell Bellows 557.0 KiB
MDP18 Same Size Clamshell Bellows 549.6 KiB
MDP19 High Temp Bellows Applications 707.7 KiB
MDP20 Expansion Joint Liner Seals 2.1 MiB
MDP38 Rectangular Exp Jts 1.7 MiB
MDP39 Site Inspections 270.4 KiB
MDP40 How To Interpret A Design Analysis 1.2 MiB
MDP41 Cumulative Fatigue Analysis 474.4 KiB
MDP47 Purged Expansion Joints 428.4 KiB
MDP52 Installation Instructions 148.5 KiB
MDP56 Bellows Thermocouples 823.7 KiB
MDP57 Cold Wall Expansion Joints 1.2 MiB
MDP61 Passive RedTops 951.6 KiB
MDP63 Active Red Tops 818.8 KiB
MDP64 Hot Blanket 2.5 MiB
MDP69 FKM Adhesion System 273.4 KiB
MDP76 Rectangular Expansion Joints 818.0 KiB
MDP78 Flexspan Application 517.9 KiB
MDP81 Field Engineering 1.8 MiB
MDP82 Emergency Repair 1014.4 KiB
MDP84 Project Management 3.8 MiB
MDP85 Double Expanded Pipe 975.6 KiB
MDP86 Resistance Welded Plies 1.4 MiB
MDP87 BladeDrive Patented Drive System 366.5 KiB
MDP88 EJMA 9th Edition Spring Rate Changes 378.1 KiB
MDP89 Primary Air Shut Off (PASO) Dampers 541.3 KiB
MDP90 Universal ClamShell Best Practice 336.9 KiB
MDP92 Unique Design Concepts For Catofin Application 764.5 KiB
MDP93 Large Contracts 839.9 KiB
MDP94 Alloy 625 Equivalency 64.6 KiB
MDP95 Large Diameter Flange Standards 92.1 KiB
MDP96 Modeling In-Line Pressure Balance Exp Jts 66.8 KiB
MDP97 LNG Loading Line Design With Exp Jts 74.1 KiB
MDP98 In-line Press Bal Exp Jt Spring Rate And Movement Calcs 97.2 KiB
MDP99 Catofin Web Brochure 680.8 KiB

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