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Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers has a full line of Gas Turbine Isolation equipment for today’s modern combined cycle power stations.  With over 30 years of operating experience, Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers has the largest installed base of diverter dampers in the world.

Senior Flexonics Gas Turbine Diverter Dampers

Gas Turbine Diverter Dampers:

Gas turbine applications require proven technology to handle the high temperature, rapid temperature rise and high gas velocities of today’s modern combustion turbine. Since the mid 1970’s, Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers has shipped nearly 1,000 single blade diverter valves for use in power generation systems throughout the world.

Features of the Metroflex Diverter Dampers:

  • Robust, thermally compensating internal components designed for today’s modern gas turbines
  • Custom actuation packages to fit end user requirements
  • Proprietary maintenance free bearing designed specifically for the application
  • 100% Isolation of either outlet (bypass stack or boiler) depending on customer requirements.
  • Emergency close systems for boiler protection
  • Full line of Metroflex Diverter spare parts.

HRSG Stack Isolation Dampers:

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Stack Isolation dampers have been designed to help retain heat to the boiler during turbine shutdowns.  This allows for faster restarts and less thermal shock to the boilers.

Features of the SFP – Metroflex Stack Isolation Dampers:

  • Robust “modified airfoil” blade design for greater strength and lower pressure drop
  • Over-pressurization Escapement for fail safe operation
  • Custom actuation packages to fit end user requirements
  • Damper field “kits” for installation in existing stacks

Inlet Isolation Dampers:

Metroflex Inlet Isolation flap, louver, or guillotine dampers are designed to isolate the inlet of the gas turbine to reduce cooling draft during a shutdown.  Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex can custom design an inlet isolation damper to fit your space and performance requirements.

Bypass Stacks and Silencers:

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers can provide turnkey boiler bypass solutions for any size gas turbine.  Commonly supplied equipment:

  • Bypass exhaust stack
  • Stack support structure
  • Stack silencers
  • Access platforms and ladders

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