Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints

Pathway specializes in custom-engineered expansion joints used in critical applications throughout the world.

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metal Expansion Joint Pantograph

We are recognized as the lead innovator for high temperature industrial expansion joint applications such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Catofin® process, and styrene monomer production.

We also provide a full line of expansion joint products for steam and hot and chilled water piping, compressed air, turbine exhaust, and all other industrial piping and ducting applications.

Senior Flexonics Pathway's Redtop Metal Expanion Joint

  • Sizes ranging from 2” through 240”
  • Cryogenic testing capability
  • Cycle life testing & Spring rate testing
  • Refractory lining
  • Heavy lift and handling capability
  • Expanding mandrel and hydraulic bellows forming
  • Wide range of material choice
  • Expedited delivery
  • Warranties you can depend on

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