Gas Turbine-Cogeneration

Gas Turbine-Cogeneration

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers provides a full range of Gas Turbine combined cycle isolation, modulation, and diverter type dampers.  Many of today’s combined cycle gas turbines are designed for “peaking” or “on-demand” power, requiring the units to be started and subsequently shut down frequently. With a focus on shortening start up times for today’s modern gas turbines, the use of a Pathway Metroflex diverter damper will allow modulation of exhaust gas to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), allowing the turbine to reach full load faster, and protect the downstream HRSG components from thermal shock.

To help maintain heat in the boiler during a shutdown, the use of a Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex stack isolation damper will help eliminate heat robbing draft through the HRSG stack.  These dampers are designed with an optional over-pressurization relief system, which allows the damper to open automatically if the turbine was started with the damper in the closed position, preventing a damaging spike in back pressure.

Senior Flexonics Pathway provides many expansion joint and damper applications that are unique to gas turbine power generation such as diverter valves to bypass the HRSG, stack cap dampers to conserve heat, Flex Seat guillotine dampers to isolate flue gas, penetration seals around the HRSG, cold wall and hot wall fabric expansion joints for high temperature flue gas, large steam turbine metal expansion joints, condenser neck expansion joints, extraction steam expansion joints and balance of plant applications. Senior Flexonics Pathway also has experienced field service engineers and installation labor to install and service damper and expansion joint products of all types.

Whatever your Gas Turbine Isolation requirements are, Senior Flexonics Pathway has a proven engineered solution.

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