Coal Fired Power Plants

Coal Fired Power Generation

Senior Flexonics Pathway supplies the full extent of dampers and expansion joints for power generating applications.  Proprietary design features insure high reliability and long service life for all critical applications.

Expansion joint applications include large steam turbine crossovers, condenser neck expansion joints, extraction steam expansion joints, boiler feed pump turbine exhaust, and all balance of plant applications.

Damper products include guillotines for isolation of flue gas and louver dampers for isolation and control of flue gas.  Damper and fabric expansion joint product applications cover the entire extent of flue gas ducting including high temperature economizer service, precipitator applications, wet and dry scrubber service, coal pulverizer air ducting, stack isolation, and boiler air handling.

Pathway also provides service to install and maintain damper and expansion joint products of all types.

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